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The latest increase in workers’ compensation insurance was recently announced by Washington State’s Labor and Industries Department. Rates will be raised by 2 percent across the board in order to accommodate rising costs of compensation for injured workers.

This raise amounts to a little over 1 cent per hour worked, and though that might sound like a very small difference, some businesses will bear increases that are much higher depending on their liability history. If you’ve had compensable claims filed against your business in the past, your rates will rise more–up to 25 percent! This kind of increase in insurance premiums is untenable for many businesses, and can result in layoffs or even business closures.

If you’ve had claims filed against you, these new L&I premium increases are probably hitting your business hard, and if you believe those claims were false or unfair you’re likely furious that your premiums will be increasing up to 25 percent.

Understanding rate increases isn’t easy; neither is fighting those increases. If you want help, contact us at Stop Claims! We’re happy to walk you through these new premiums, help you determine what you’re responsible for, and hopefully help you fight any claims that will raise your premiums and cause you hardship. We have experience successfully helping employers petition L&I, protest or appeal claims, or build a case. You don’t have to take these increases laying down!