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Workplace rights are enforced by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, although there may be crossover with other local, state, and federal agencies. If there is any disagreement surrounding workplace rights, wages, leave, the duties/hours of minor employees, etc., benefit of the doubt is always given to the employee- never the employer. It is the employer’s burden to provide specific, objective key facts and evidence to disprove the current/former employee’s violation of contention. It’s important to dispute inaccurate information as it can result in fines, fees, and restitution payable to the employee.

We are Workplace Rights experts, so you don’t have to be! We handle the entire dispute process for our clients from start to finish- with great success. We also assist with audits, citations, and administrate employer participation in a myriad of rebate programs.

Workplace Rights, Audits, & Citations:

  • Workplace: Termination, Retaliation, Pregnancy Accommodations, Uniforms, Payroll & Personnel Records, Administrative Policies, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination
  • Wage: Complaints, Minimum Wage, Overtime, Payroll, Equal Pay & Opportunities Act, Prevailing Wage
  • Agriculture: Wages, Overtime, Rest Breaks & Meal Periods, Recordkeeping, Minor Employees, Farm Internship Program
  • Leave: Holiday, Vacation, Bereavement, Family Care Act, Domestic Violence Leave, Family Leave, Leave for Military Spouses and Emergency Personnel, Pregnancy and Parental Leave
  • Minor Employees: Prohibited Duties, Hiring, Variances, Work Schedules, Wages, Rest Breaks and Meal Periods, Youth Under Age 14
  • Washington State Sick Pay (Initiative 1433)