Greater Seattle L&I Claims Management Services

We are the advocate for employers against high rising insurance premiums.

Claims Management

Medical, Vocational and Legal case management regarding all L&I decisions made within a claim.


Petitioning L&I to make a decision because simply asking them to do something is not enough. Stop Claims Corp. knows the appropriate terms and timing to get claim decisions made.


Protesting L&I Notice of Decisions using facts, medical evidence, laws and code that govern the process, Stop Claims Corp. is successful in overturning unfair decisions.


Stop Claims Corp. assists in completing job descriptions/analysis to dispute causation and to get an “injured” worker back to work in a lighter/modified duty.


Appealing unfair L&I decisions when the claims manager doesn’t agree with the employer’s position, Stop Claims Corp. takes the decision to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA). Most TPA’s and Retrospective Refund groups will mediate only at the BIIA and/or force the employer to hire an attorney to handle the appeal. Stop Claims Corp. handles all levels of the appeals process; mediation, hearings, or appeals panel review, without the expensive cost of attorneys.

Private Investigation

Stop Claims Corp. collaborates with employers and private investigators for surveillance, research and factual evidence to disprove fraudulent claims and abuse of the benefit system.