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When a job separation occurs, employees are highly likely to apply for unemployment benefits (regardless of eligibility) through the Washington State Employment Security Department. Shortly after the employee files, an adjudicator from the Department will collect information from your business to determine the reason for separation. Like L&I laws, if there is any disagreement surrounding the reason for separation and/or eligibility, benefit of the doubt is always given to the employee- never the employer. It is the employer’s burden to provide specific, objective key facts and evidence to disprove the former employee’s eligibility contention. It’s important to dispute inaccurate information as well as ineligible and fraudulent unemployment benefit claims as they cause your business’ ESD premiums to rise.

We are ESD claim administration experts, so you don’t have to be! We handle the entire dispute process for our clients from start to finish- with great success. We also assist with audits, citations, and administrate employer participation in a myriad of rebate programs.

Employment Security Department Services:

  • Reason for Separation Statements
  • Unemployment Benefit Claim Disputes & Hearings
  • Relief of Benefits Charge
  • Expanded Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
  • Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML)
  • Layoffs vs Furloughs
  • Worksource and H-2A Agricultural Program Assistance
  • The SharedWork Program Assistance
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance
  • Audit & Citation Representation
  • Worker Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Assistance
  • Veteran Hiring Incentive Program Assistance
  • WA Cares Fund