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We are the leading advocate for employers against high insurance premiums.

Experiencing L&I Claims Against Your Business?

At Stop Claims, we believe you should never overpay to settle disputes. Instead, we’ll help you manage those claims, advise you of the best decisions, and settle compensation accordingly.

Are You Experiencing L&I Claims Against Your Business?

Do not risk a rising premium when you can have peace of mind with Stop Claims Corp.

We are experts in the process of resolving claims against your business. We manage your claims from start to finish to advise you in compensation decisions.

Behavioral Characteristics Indicating Injured Workers Fraud:

  • Appears to have been injured, but no witnesses corroborate the injury
  • The story of how the injury occurred is not consistent
  • There is a significant gap of time during which the worker did not seek medical attention
  • Appears to have acquired injury outside of work
  • Appears to have been injured before the completion of a job
  • Appears to have been injured after business has taken disciplinary action against them
  • Appears to have been injured prior to being terminated from their position
  • Moves out of state or country after filing allegation
  • Has a history of filing multiple claims

We Handle L&I Claims From Start to Finish!

Don’t fall victim to rising insurance premiums – enlist the expertise of Stop Claims Corp today!

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Is Your Business Experiencing Any of These Common Unfair Fraudulent Claims Brought on By L&I?

Stop Claims Corp helps identify and prevent injured worker fraud in Washington State.

  • Palliative Care (Chiropractic & Massage Treatments)
  • Occupational Disease
  • Unabating or Prolonged Claim
  • Depression, Anxiety, & PTSD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Opiate Abuse
  • Fraud
  • Third Party Injury
  • Vocational Retraining
  • Other Personal Injuries

Is The Injured Worker Participating in Inappropriate Activities for an Injured Worker?

  • Are they participating in recreational activities inconsistent with their injury claim?
  • Is the worker misusing drugs or displaying drug-seeking behavior? (prescription or non prescription)
  • Does the worker have a history of frequently changing doctors?


It’s nice to know we finally have someone on our side!

LNI claims manager told me that her “opinion” was that the injured employee would not be able to return to work for a minimum of 8 weeks and would not be able to accept light duty. We wanted to offer light duty and my employee wanted to accept. Stop Claims got our employee back to work on light duty 2 days later.

Stop Claims saved me time and frustration in dealing with LNI

Stop Claims has done great job for our company. Everyone is professional, very helpful and they respond quickly to our questions and concerns. They have been able to quickly and efficiently close claims, reduce our experience rating and best of all, obtain a refund. I highly recommend Stop Claims!

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