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We are the leading advocate for employers against high workers comp premiums. We serve employers of all sizes and industries!



Stop Claims Corp.

L&I Claims Management Services

We are the leading advocate for employers against high workers compensation premiums.

We employ leading edge claim cost containment strategies which result in premium reduction and a culture of workplace safety. Most industrial injuries are legitimate but even legitimate claims can take on a life of their own.

Our team of experts carefully review all benefit decisions to ensure benefits paid are related to the allowed condition, are reasonable, and are curative in nature. If the decisions aren’t appropriate, we actively protest and appeal on your behalf- without the high cost of attorneys. In support of our claims management strategies, we provide comprehensive early return to work solutions, safety consultations, private investigative services, and more!

Prolonged Legitimate Claim?

Does your business have a sprain/contusion claim that has been open for 3+ months? If yes, it might have left the tracks! Most injuries (unless catastrophic in nature) resolve within 2-12 weeks. Let us do a claim analysis to search for red flags. We fight for the medical treatment your injured worker needs while simultaneously controlling claim costs.

Unfair L&I Decision?

The quantity of claims filed against your business has no impact on your premiums. Unfair L&I decisions do! Laws are written to protect employees; employer pushback is often dismissed. We will protest and appeal adverse decisions against your business. We bring the medical evidence and legal expertise to amplify your voice! Never overpay to settle L&I disputes- not monetarily and not with peace of mind.

Suspect Fraud?

In Washington State, accident reports filed by employees are immediately accepted as fact. If there is ever any doubt, benefit of the doubt is always given to the employee- never the employer. Our fraud team has a passion for keeping injured workers honest. We fight fraudulent claims by conducting surveillance, medical record sweeps, and accident investigations. We provide compelling, objective evidence to L&I to prove what you knew the entire time!

We’d love to discuss your claim and how we can tailor our services to support your business.

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Stop Claims is the concierge of claims management. They go above and beyond for their clients.

Teresa Cummins, MS, RN, COHN-S
Director, Health & Safety
Port of Seattle