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6 Key Workers’ Compensation Fraud Cases to Know

Some workers’ compensation fraud takes place on the side of the employer, while other cases place fraudulent claim-filing workers at fault. Regardless of which party is in the wrong, everyone can benefit from becoming familiar with common forms of workers’ compensation fraud. Employers can learn to recognize red flags and avoid making mistakes that may […]

What to Do If Your Employee Is Injured on the Job

Though there are legal safeguards in place to protect workers in any industry, here’s what statistics tell us: One employee is injured every three minutes in Washington State. While many injury claims are legitimate, the reality is, some employees misrepresent the cause or nature of their injury. This is called workers’ compensation fraud. In some […]

How to Build Positive Relationships with Your Employees (and Decrease the Chance of Workers’ Comp Fraud)

Workers’ compensation fraud can be costly and frustrating, but in order to mitigate it, employers must expand their focus beyond recognizing fraud when it occurs. In many cases, consciously forging positive employee-employer relationships and cultivating strong communication is one of the best precautionary steps to take. Making this effort can foster an atmosphere of honesty […]

How Workers’ Compensation Fraud Takes Advantage of You and Your Coworkers

Attention, Washington State employers and employees: Did you know, even if you aren’t directly involved in or victimized by a fraudulent workers’ compensation case, the ripple effect of each statewide fraud case is still likely to reach you? Employers and employees that are part of the Washington State Fund pay toward workers’ compensation premiums on […]

L&I Increases Workers Premiums 2% (Or More!)

The latest increase in workers’ compensation insurance was recently announced by Washington State’s Labor and Industries Department. Rates will be raised by 2 percent across the board in order to accommodate rising costs of compensation for injured workers. This raise amounts to a little over 1 cent per hour worked, and though that might sound […]

5 Ways Employers Can Prevent Fraudulent Claims

There are some things you can’t prevent or predict, but you can reduce your risk of becoming the target of fraudulent claims in several ways: 1.) Close Communication If you talk to your employees about the risks of filing fraudulent claims–for them legally, and for the entire security of the business and their coworker’s jobs–they […]

3 Most Common Types of Workers’ Compensation Fraud in Washington State

Workers’ Compensation fraud is incredibly costly. An estimated 10 percent of workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent, costing the industry $5 billion each year. This kind of fraud accounts for 25 percent of all insurance fraud, and between 2005 and 2009, approximately $25 billion in disability payments were either improperly paid out or based in fraud. […]

Opiate Abuse and Chronic Pain in Fraudulent Claims

One of the most common causes for fraudulent claims is chronic pain. It’s almost impossible to prove or disprove, and there are almost no visible physical symptoms. What’s worse is that fraudulent chronic pain claims often begin legitimately, but continue because workers develop an addiction or tolerance to the opioid drugs they’re prescribed to handle […]

The Real Cost of Malingering

There is a serious human cost to falsified injury claims. They can devastate a business and hurt the entire team. An employee might think they’re getting free medical care or a paid vacation, but malingering has consequences that are very serious. 1.) Insurance Premiums Every business pays mandatory Worker’s Compensation insurance. For many industrial businesses, […]

Top 5 Warning Signs of a Falsified Injury

Falsified personal injury claims—they’re not a victimless crime. Injury claims hurt businesses in terms of insurance premiums, moral, and reputation. If you’re an employer who’s concerned that one of your employees may be falsely filing for workers’ compensation due to a work-related “injury,” follow your gut and investigate. Here are a few of the warning […]