L&I Unfair Claims, Petition, Protest and Appeal

Employers can end up footing the bill for unfair decisions, Laws are written to protect employees, however some people will exploit the system for their benefit. Fraudulent claims can be difficult to disprove, but our team of experts are here to help you appeal those claims and stop abuse of the system.


When L&I fails to take action or make a determination, Stop Claims will petition the department. This allows the claim process to progress, not just sit stagnant on the employer’s account.


A protest is an opportunity to dispute any decision that comes through L&I. If you disagree with a decision from L&I, you may file a protest. It must be filled within 60 days or employers lose the right to appeal. If fraud or abuse of the system is suspected, decisions can be reversed and the employer account credited.


When Stop Claims disagrees, we take the decision out of L&I’s hands and appeal it at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA). This process includes mediation for attempt at an agreement, a hearing with a judge, and a petition for review.

  • Stop Claims files an appeal with the BIIA and represent employers at all three stages of the appeals process (mediation, hearing, and petition for review).
  • Stop Claims’ paralegals represent the employer as lay representatives, not attorneys.
  • Stop Claims is also a private investigative agency. If surveillance is needed, the team will make sure individuals are not working outside their restrictions or working and collecting time loss when they shouldn’t be.
  • Stop Claims contracts medical experts to dispute and/or support the employer’s position.